Monday, 24 November 2008

A photo essay on Kashmir

There's something magical that the photos of Daichi Koda radiate. It's to do with the composition, the black and white, and, above all, with how masterfully he makes use of the light.

This one here (only a part of it can be seen - for the full picture go to the link mentioned below) shows a school in the mountains of Kashmir. The students portrayed, who had to come a long way to school, are waiting for their friends to arrive.

Daichi Koda was born in 1983, and started to photograph in 2004. His photo essay on Kashmir can be found here:
I especially warmed to photo number 12 - it brought up memories from the Swiss mountains, and from Greece. Why Greece? No idea really but it for sure is not the least of the beauties of photographs that they trigger lots of unexpected associations.

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