Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Pictures that I like (6)

These pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge (ever seen it with this house in front?) were taken in January 2008, within minutes of each other. I'd like to imagine that the one from further afar was taken first for I favour the idea of slowly approaching a scene that will then reveal itself differently. Since however life (and our approach to it) often does not conform to human desires (and made-up logic), I've decided to be equally happy with the other way 'round.

Copyright @ Emelle Sonh & Hans Durrer

Copyright @ Hans Durrer & Emelle Sonh

In case you've wondered about this rather unusual copyright: Emelle and I shared two cameras, one with color film, the other with black & white, and both of us are sure to have made color photos of the bridge & house - yet who took the ones shown, neither of us is really able to tell.

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Tomas said...

This example let's me know how amazing perspective can be, and how big that bridge might be! Best, Tomas