Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Freedom Fable

We have embraced this fable since we were first able to understand the simplest ideas. We, as children, have been taught that we are a nation of free people that provides liberty and justice and equal opportunity for all. By the time we have become adults we innocently laud this false freedom, and in its name we become free only to impose all nature of pain and misery on the poorer slaves who themselves have come to believe they are inferior by reason of their inability to acquire their fair share of the promised life. And we support evil wars against other slaves in other lands in the name of their freedom but which wars, in the end, are fought by our children who bleed and die to enrich our master.

Into it.

This reminds me of a discussion I had with an international relations lecturer. They thought the invasion of Afghanistan was just, and a good idea. I was less than enthused. The consequences of war are always civilian casualties, the common folk suffer, the Islamists, yeah some die, some escape, some hide. The commons have to deal with destroyed infrastructure, rampaging armies, bombs missing their targets, bombs deliberately hitting them when they are assumed to be targets.

So that is how a certified and paid lecturer sat in class and told me the death of non-combatants, the destruction of a country was a-okay. I barely passed the unit.


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