Wednesday 18 December 2013

Swiss Autumn Colours

These pics were taken on 26 October 2013 on the way from Landquart via Malans and Jenins to Maienfeld. I do not think them remarkable as photographs, what intrigues me about them is what they show, and especially their colours.
We all know that photography is about framing, about selecting the right angle, and, probably above all, about the light. What amazes me about the light that my camera created is how different the colours are, and also, how quickly the light had changed for although I was walking for about two to three hours, the pics displayed were taken, roughly, in the course of maybe half an hour.
Needless to say, I do know that from one second to the next everything can change, and that does indeed include the light. Yet knowing is one thing, to be shown quite another. As Barry Lopez once phrased it: "I realized that just as the distance between what I saw and what I was able to record was huge, so was that between what I recorded and what people saw."
It does not cease to baffle me how the mind works: on my walk, all of a sudden a church (or was it a convent or maybe a chapel?) surrounded by trees came to mind, not a Swiss church though but one on the outskirts of Santa Cruz do Sul, a town in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. I was astonished but did not feel like exploring the why, did not want to look for acceptable logic. Instead, I let the wondering pass and enjoyed what came next and then went again.

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