Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Impressions from Ecuador

Some time ago, John Daniel returned from three weeks in Ecuador to his home in Bakersfield, California. We know each other from Schütz & Kanomata, a language school in Santa Cruz do Sul, where I taught English and John was an eager student of Portuguese. The photos below were taken in mid-May 2014, in Cuenca. The texts that accompany the shots were written by John.

Copyright @ John Daniel

Ecuadorians apparently have a sense of humor. A crab was served to me this way. Why did the crab offer the diner a salad? So he could get his body smashed with a wooden mallet.

Copyright @ John Daniel

Why did the goose go in the store? Because his mistress, an elderly indigenous woman, brought him in there in a blue bag along with other shopping bags. She apparently did not want him to bite anyone.

Copyright @ John Daniel

Overhead shot of the 9 de octubre mercado.

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