Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Elaine Ling: Talking Stones

„Since my very beginnings as a photographer“, writes Elaine Ling, „ I have been captivated by ancient stones and the messages the send us from the ages. This book brings together my decades of obsessive travel and photography dedicated to recording remarkable stones, both natural and man-made.“

I also learn that most stones „were created to be messengers for what are now long-vanished cultures. The lone man of stone staring at a Gobi Desert horizon, the beheaded nobles v¨bearing gifts to a Chinese empress, a Buddha's face almost swallowed by a tree, were all conceived to preserve and disseminate tales of great journeys, battles won and lost, death or survival, anmcient myths and powerful gods.“

I must admit that before reading this I had somewhat indifferently glanced through the pages of this tome, not really knowing what to make of these pics. Sure, from time to time I paused and wondered what I was shown yet it was without real curiosity that I looked at these stones. For ancient cultures aren't really my thing.

How come then that I've decided to review this book? Not because ...

For the full review, see here

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