Wednesday, 26 April 2017


„My photography depends on access to protected open spaces and would not be possible without it. It is the quiet, natural landscape that inspires and nurtures. Behind that experience is the dedication and advocacy of local and national conservation groups, along with all who value land protection and contribute in any way“, writes Dorothy Kerper Monnelly in the acknowledgements section of her „waterforms“

There are two major subjects that „waterforms“ portrays: the forms and patterns that water creates on the land and the ice patterns that form in fresh water streams. Both are subjected to changes in temperature and powerful winter winds. „I quickly learned that to photograph ice patterns, the critical extra ingredient is warm clothes!“

Dorothy Kerper Monnelly also writes (in her artist's statement) that „Fine Art Photgraphy is the language of the inner eye – the inner self that responds without knowing. It is an intuitive dialog that speaks as an image. It is a search for truth ... for the song!“

„waterforms“ starts with a series of pictures with captions such as „Ice Pattern 26, Ipswich, MA, 1/2016“, „Ice Pattern 25, Saco River, NH, 12/2014“ or „Ice Pattern 13, Ipswich, MA, 1/2003“. Without knowing that I'm looking at ice patterns I would have very probably never guessed it. In other words, I'm glad I'm told that there are ice patterns in front of my eyes although the additional caption information is probably more of interest to the photographer (reminding her when and where the picture was taken) than to the reader.

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