Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Águas de Ouro

© Sandra Cattaneo Adorno, from Sandra Cattaneo Adorno: 
Águas de Ouro (RadiusBooks).

It is one of the human mysteries that our minds are constantly on the move, that nothing is forever fixed, that the only permanent thing is change. I find it miraculous that I can sit in an apartment in Eastern Switzerland, look at photographs of a Brazilian beach thousands of kilometers away and to experience sensations of being there.

Yet my restless mind does not stop at Ipanema and the folks depicted there, it transports me to other Brazilian beaches in the South and the Northeast. And then — my mind does what it wants! — to beaches in Southern Thailand and and and …

The power of photographs lies in their ability to direct our attention. Returning to the ones by Sandra Cattaneo Adorno in Águas de Ouro brings me once again to Rio and Ipanema. Contemplating them not only makes me dream but also fills me with the wish of going there … “… must we dream our dreams and have them, too?” Elizabeth Bishop asked in Question of Travel. Sometimes that would indeed be nice …

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