Wednesday, 19 January 2022

The Media & Fake Media

The media, and that includes fake media, reflect the world. Up to a point, that is, for most of what is taking place on planet earth is of no concern or interest to media makers. It might be fair, therefore, to say that the media reflect the obsessions of the media makers and, since we live in times in which profit trumps all other motivations, of media owners. These obsessions, it must be stressed, are very much in tune with what the general public does obsess about  — gossip, that is.

Everything in today's media world is personalised. The preferred formats are the story and the essay; and, these work best with heroes and villains, who in the real word that is far too complex to conform to the wishes of individuals, however do not exist. In this sense all media are fake. In fact, we are only free to choose what invented reality we prefer.

Needless to say, there is a difference between, say, the BBC and Fox News. In my younger years, I felt obliged to listen to what both of them had to say, for at that time I thought, to be informed requires to consider a variety of news sources and that includes the ones whose ideology I do not share.

These days are long gone. Nowadays ...

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