Wednesday, 13 July 2022

What pictures do not show

Photographs document reality, we tend to believe, although we know that this can hardly be the case for, to begin with, there are no smells and there are no sounds emanating from a picture. Photos are triggers at best, and they transport feelings.

When I spottend the two seagulls (in the the city of Porto, near the river) they were engaged in an animated conversation. And that is the reason why I am posting this shot – to remind me of their loud chatter that you cannot see but that, or something similar, you are now able to imagine.

This photo shows a part of the main door of a large, impressive house in Bever, Switzerland. To the left is a bench on which an old lady was sitting. It was the house of her parents, she said. I showed her the photograph, and she asked: Should I have closed the upper-half? No, no, I retorted, I took the picture because of it. She pointed to the snow covered nearby mountain, and said: This would be a nice photograph ...

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