Friday, 17 April 2009

Island Life

A few weeks ago, I decided to spend some days on Ko Samet, an island about three hours by bus from Bangkok. After my first night, I fled to the mainland for I had found the place over-priced and a bit too international - the Thailand that I like it was not. Anyway, the mainland nearby had long and sandy beaches, and lots of cheap restaurants by the sea - exactly the Thailand I am fond of.

Apart from the fact that we all are constantly looking for reasons to justify our decisions after we have taken them (in my case: arguing why my fleeing Ko Samet was a good decision), I've also started to wonder what makes so many human beings (including myself) so keen on island holidays? I mean, why look for confined spaces far away from everything and think of them as paradise?

What would you take with you to the famous island? some so-called celebrity (it was a man but, sorry, I do not remember his name) was once asked. A boat to row back, he said. Smart guy.

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