Saturday, 25 April 2009

Paint your paradigm

People decide with or without the facts - if you don't get out there and paint your paradigm, someone'll paint it for you.

My what?

Pa-ra-dime. You never heard of paradigm shift? Example: you see a man with his hand up your granny's ass. What do you think?


Right. Then you learn a deadly bug crawled up there, and the man has put aside his disgust to save Granny. What do you think now?

Hero. You can tell he ain't met my nana.

There you go, a paradigm shift. The action doesn't change - the information you use to judge it does. You were ready to crucify the guy because you didn't have the facts. Now you want to shake his hand.

I don't think so.

I mean figuratively, asshole, he laughs, punching out six of my ribs. Facts may seem black and white by the time they hit your TV screen, but professional teams sift through mountains of gray to get them there. You need positioning, like a product in the market - the jails are full of people who didn't manage their positions.
DBC Pierre: Vernon God Little


Becca said...

Paradigm shift!! A lightbulb went up, that is very useful for my thesis on photography, history, memory and mythology. Any suggested reading? Atleast the book "Photographic Paradigm" is now next on my shoppinglist. Thank you for the idea !

AcrossCultures said...

Jonh Szarkowski's "The Photographer's Eye" for statements like this: "To quote out of context is the essence of the photographer's craft."