Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Copyright @ Claudius Schulze

The other day, when surfing on the interent, I came across the photographer Claudius Schulze and his book „Socotra“ I thought the shots stunning and couldn't take my eyes off them. At first I did not bother reading the accompanying text (and that is what I usually do for I want to know what I'm looking at), I simply looked and looked and looked. I surmise this had mainly to do with the impressive colours, and the extraordinary light ... and of course, as always, with reasons that I'm not really aware of ... and then there was also this absolutely fabulous shot on pages 104/105 ...

When I asked Claudius to send me a pic of his choosing (see the one above; I would have chosen completely different ones) and to let me know how it came about, he wrote: „I spent many weeks on the island working on the book. I lived with the natives, shared their rude houses and simple lifestyle. Up in the mountains, semi-nomadic bedouins live. They herd goats on the inaccessible slopes of the Hagghier around their villages. Once, I hiked for several days. When I stayed a night in a small hamlet on Skant they welcomed me with a feast. Late afternoon, the men went out to catch a goat for slaughter. They were running very swiftly over the slopes and I had troubles keeping pace. I will remember the moment for life - the biblical scene, the golden light, the gorgeous landscape – all added up to an intensive otherworldly impression.“

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