Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Lumen Seed

My way of approaching photo books isn't systematic, doesn't follow any rules. Sometimes, I start with the beginning, sometimes, I read the press release first, sometimes, I look at the photographs first. In the case of The Lumen Seed by Judith Crispin I did all of the three almost simultaneously.

I've very much warmed to the photographer's quote that precedes the press release:
... Warlpiri people move through the landscape, they introduce themselves. They apologize to that country for breaking twigs. They ask permission to take water from the creeks. If humanity ever transcends its selfish and murderous nature, it will be because of people like the Warlpiri.“

I can easily identify with the Warlpiri take on things for as a young boy I was convinced, like the native Indians in North America, that to tear a branch from a tree meant to hurt the tree. This feeling of being connected (to be more precise: that all things – including human beings – are connected), I've never really lost. When, a few years ago, the only reason I did not give in to the urge to embrace the two tall trees I was passing by when going to the beach (near Havana, Cuba) was my fear people would think I'm nuts or from California.

The Lumen Seed“ was „created in close consultation with the Warlpiri community elders“, I learn. And so I imagined Judith Crispin sitting devoutly on the floor listening to an old wrinkled man in an armchair smoking a pipe ... well, I was wrong. Just look at the pic on page 72 and read the caption and you will get a sense of the thoroughly relaxed and easy-going atmosphere that this tome conveys. Is there anything more desirable than to go through life feeling at ease?

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