Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Photographs trigger memories

Photos, in order to be understood, need captions. And, they need accompanying text that puts what our eyes are showing us into context. Generally speaking, that is, for quite some photographs do not need additional information, they are self-explanatory.  

Take the above pic, for instance, everybody understands what it shows. Since it is by no means a remarkable pic one might wonder what made me put it online. Well, what it shows is extraordinary for, to me, all cloud formations are extraordinary, I could marvel endlessly at them.
Seemingly unremarkable pictures will take on different meanings by providing additional information. The pics on this blogpost I took in May 2017 while looking from Estavayer-le-lac to the other side of Lake Neuchâtel. And, while this information will probably not much influence your reading of these pics it surely does alter mine for it brings me back to that day when I rediscovered this small town that I had not visited for many, many years.
Contrary to popular belief, pictures do not tell stories yet they are an invitation to ask questions. And asking questions, as we all know, usually leads to more questions. 

Photographs often trigger memories. The ones above make me relive a time of which it is said that it has gone.

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