Wednesday 20 January 2021

In Zurich, in 2016

Copyright@Blazenka Kostolna

The other day, when looking at old photographs, I also happened to come across these three and wondered how different I could look. They were taken by photographer Blazenka Kostolna, who for 14 years has been regularly taking pictures of me. I do not remember how I felt at the time but I recall the circumstances of the shooting in Zurich. Number one and three were taken at the Photobastei, number  two at Blazenkas's place in Wollishofen.

What does a picture tell? What can it tell?  Number one and three show me posing for the camera, number two does not give this impression but I was also posing, I remember that clearly, or so I believe. Looking at these three pics makes my mind primarily wander to the time and surroundings of the shooting  we had cappuccino at the Photobastei and looked at the then current exhibition; in Wollishofen, we had enjoyed Blazenka's traditional Christmas dinner at her place.

These three photos, it seems to me, are basically triggers that bring me back to the time they were taken. They confirm that something once has been and is no longer. They give testimony to the passing of time and often, at least when you're older, will also make you feel strangely sad.

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