Wednesday, 2 March 2022

The present is a present

The present is a present. It is rare that I'm aware of it. The times I've tried to change that and become more conscious of it were so many that I cannot count them. I've seemed to embark on new beginnings so often that I wonder why I haven't given up. I'm still wondering.

Postponement can get to be a disease, says a note pinned to my wall. I hardly ever look at it. And if I do,  the effect it has isn't actually lasting. Knowing doesn't help much, or so it seems. Might it be possible to redirect my attention and focus on the here and now? I guess I will definitely start next Monday ... 

This has been my approach for most of my life. And, it feels that it needs changing. My thinking needs changing, that is, for it tells me that there is a beginning and an end. The reality that I experience however is different – it simply is. My only task, therefore, is to simply be.

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