Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Kim's world

In 2008, when teaching English in the Brazilian town of Santa Cruz do Sul, one of my fellow teachers was Kimberly Krulikowski from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Kim, a linguist by training, had (and obviously still has) clear and distinctive views on pretty much everything and the kind of dry humour that I love (and that is not often found in North Americans). When I recently came across Kim on Faceboook, I also encountered a number of examples of her quite particular world view. Here are some of my favourites (I asked her permission, she doesn't mind me posting them here):

Religious views: no thank you

Studying a second language puts me in awe of how I ever learned a first one.

One of these days, I will play the violin again. Definitely before I'm thirty. Until then, it will stare at me from across the room, untuned and dehaired.

I'm actually happier than my face lets on.

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