Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Hiroshi Sugimoto's Seascapes

North Pacific Ocean, Ohkurosaki, 2013

When it comes to photo books one always has the choice. One can start with the pictures or with the introduction to the pictures. I have no idea why I do sometimes prefer the pictures to the intro or vice versa. In the case of Seascapes by Hiroshi Sugimoto I started with the pics.  

What we are shown is a series of seascapes. At first glance, the pictures didn't differ much from one another yet the more time I spent with them the more differences I began to see. Sometimes, the line between ocean and sky completely disappears.
Sea of Japan, Oki, 1987

The pics radiate a fascinating tranquility, they do have a calming effect on me. And, to read what Hiroshi Sugimoto penned on this website („Water and air. So very commonplace are these substances, they hardly attract attention – and yet they vouchsafe our very existence.“), fills me with a sense of being exposed to the essence of our existence.

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