Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Grönland by Ulrike Crespo

Grönland (Greenland) is a tome in German and English by Ulrike Crespo (1950-2019) whose background in art history, archaeology and psychology seems to have influenced her photographic work. To me at least, the cover and pic number 6, for instance, look as fascinatingly indecipherable as our unconscious.

What attracted me first and foremost to this book is pic number 2. It accompanies me since I first laid eyes on it. How come? I do not know but I can of course guess. It looks like toyland to me – and the colours contribute to that impression. Moreover, it makes me wonder who inhabits these houses, what do the people living there do, think and feel? This book doesn’t give answers, instead it is showing us landscapes and seascapes. In so doing Ulrike Crespo is emphasising what I did not expect – and I’m pleased for it helps me to get out of the prison of my head.

These photos do not need captions, they are invitations to contemplate the magic of planet earth. My daily problems and preoccupations disappear when looking at what Ulrike Crespo had decided to document. I feel entranced and in awe of such beauty. And with no desire to put anything into words, to look and see feels enough. 

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