Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pattaya, Thailand

In my hotel room in Central Pattaya, Thailand, there are two lists on the table: one is called "menu room service", the other "price list of lost and broken". The latter lists 25 items, among them: glass 50 Baht, mirror 1'500 Baht, wardrobe 5'000 Baht, burnt 200 - 1'500 Baht, T.V. 10'000 - 7'000 Baht, sheets dirty (can remove) 200 Baht, and sheets dirty (can't remove) 500 Baht. Since I could not make much sense of the latter two - why shouldn't one be able to remove a dirty sheet? I wondered - I asked at the reception and learned that the "can remove" and "can't remove" did not refer to the sheets but to stains left on them.

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