Thursday, 5 February 2009

Pictures that I like

Recently, I came across this photo by the Swedish photographer Joakim Hansson. It was taken in 2004 at the central train station in Copenhagen and is called "väntan" (Swedish for "waiting"). I immediately liked it, it reminded me of the paintings by Edward Hopper. What had first attracted me were the colours, and the composition, and the fact that the woman (I had looked at her first) and the man were reading. Only later did I realise that there was a map behind the woman, and that the wall behind the man made me think of a Mondrian painting ... and then I found myself at the Copenhagen train station, 35 years ago, while inter-railing through Europe, and then Judith came to mind, a scene in a house outside Odense, 30 years ago ... This photo triggered many pictures and each of them triggered another story ... which then led to still more stories.

More photos of Joakim can be found here: Joakim's Photos

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