Monday, 9 February 2009

Pictures that I like (2)

While conducting a workshop on "thinking photography" in Nykarleby, Finland, this picture by the Finnish photographer Lisen Julin-Qvarnström caught my attention.

I was fascinated by the colours, thought the composition convincing, and then started to wonder what my eyes showed me. Instead of guessing, I asked Lisen for the story behind the picture. Here it is:

"I had planned to shoot some panorama pictures of Helsinki for a hospital project and so I went to a hotel with a high tower, climbed up to the top of that tower, early in the morning, to get pictures of the city in this beautiful morning light. I took my pictures, but they didn't come out the way I wanted. I packed my belongings and was about to leave when I saw the beautiful lights surrounding the stairs. So I decided to take some pictures of them, trying to catch this light and the colours it produced."

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