Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Stationery Design

"Stationery Design Now!", edited by (and with a foreword from) Julius Wiedemann, and a text by Jay Rutherford on the letterhead in English, German, and French, is fun to spend time with. Moreover, it is illustrative, and inspiring.

The letterhead, the envelope, and the business card are "the three most important parts of the stationery set", Wiedemann writes and while the business card is still widely used, the letterhead and the envelope "are going through a steady decline."

On the one hand, this is not at all surprising given the omnipresence of emails, mobile phones, and social networking sites; on the other hand, this is flabbergasting for the business world, we are told, expects the competitors to distinguish themselves - and well-crafted stationery would surely help doing exactly that.

Impressive and convincing examples of superbly-crafted stationery that are all tailored to attract is what this useful tome provides.

Stationery Design Now!
Ed. Julius Wiedemann
Taschen, Cologne 2010

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