Sunday, 26 February 2012

Praise from Argentina

In October 2011, Maria Cristina Plencovich, Chair of Agricultural Education at the University of Buenos Aires, published a review of my "Ways of Perception" in The Journal of Agricultural Education & Extension. Here's her conclusion:

This book provides some rich background reading for professionals engaged in rural extension, facilitators and teachers, especially for those who do not have a strong background in theoretical or applied Linguistics. It provides precise and well-founded accounts of the many issues involved in visual perception, culture and communication, and also builds on ethical issues deriving from the main subjects involved in the study. It also challenges many assumptions about what we see and believe across cultures.

Finally, the author's major concern resides in interculturalism. It could be equally important to take some of his conclusions to mainstream cultures - even within the same country - and not necessarily assume homogeneity in nations/cultures, but acknowledge the existence of heterogeneity giving rise to a distinct integrated network of behaviours, beliefs, values, ways of seeing and attitudes within the same culture.

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