Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Guaraná & Perception

One of my Brazilian discoveries is Guaraná, my now favourite soft drink. Until recently I thought that it was only available in Brazil. Then I saw it on supermarket shelves in Portugal. I felt so pleased that I bought quite some cans and took them along to Switzerland. Now imagine my surprise when, a few days later, in a Coop (a Swiss supermarket chain) in Rorschach, I noticed Guaraná on the shelves. It was my first time in that Coop and this is very probably the reason why I spotted the Guaraná for in the one of my hometown (which I visit almost daily) I had never seen it. They couldn't possibly have it, I said to myself, knowing full well that this was not very probable. Nevertheless, next time in my home Coop I asked one of the employees whether they had Guaraná. Yes, we do, she said. And since when? A few years, she responded.

Sometimes one needs a change of scene to discover what has been always in front of one's eyes.

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