Sunday, 4 July 2010

Thailand Memories

My first day in Thailand was 1 January 1988. I was on a trip around the world and my first stop was Bangkok.

The other day, I came across my diary of that trip and thought it rather strange that - while rereading it - it felt like no time had passed at all, that it was like I was living through the same intensities once again.

One of the peculiarities I had jotted down was the Thais' fixation on numbers: In a beer garden in Bangkok, I asked the cute waitress for her name. A5, she said - that was her number. When I stepped out of the elevator in my hotel, the cleaning lady looked at me and said: Ah, 428 - which was my room number.

Here's another thing that I thought pretty hilarious:
In a restaurant on Kata Beach in Phuket I had a lemon juice. When I ordered a second one, the waitress brought me a slice of lemon, put it in my glass that was still half filled with crushed ice, and walked off again ...!?

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