Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Brazilian Memories

It is today four weeks since I left Brazil for Switzerland. And so looking at these pictures brings back memories, fond memories. Would I prefer then to be there instead of where I am? Of course, I always prefer to be where I'm not. Always? Well, maybe not always but, in the words of one of my former students in Istanbul, a manager of a sports club, who, when asked whether he always invited his business partners for lunch, answered, "not always but between usually and sometimes".

The façade of the Copas Verdes Hotel in Cascavel

The sign reads: Exclusivo Ônibus de Turismo 1h

Drinking Chimarrão in Caxias do Sul

The photos were taken in December 2009 (Caxias, Curitiba), and in January 2010 (Cascavel).

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