Saturday, 15 May 2010

Frida Hyvönen by Anna Wahlgren

Frida Hyvönen @ Anna Wahlgren

I'm not always sure why I like a certain photograph. I react to photographs instinctively and then find reasons for my reaction. In other words, I interpret, I rationalise. Sometimes, however, I do not feel like rationalising my instinct. And this was the case with this pic of Frida Hyvönen by Anna Wahlgren that, after I first set eyes on it, made me want to look at it again and again. And while I did not, for once, want to guess (for this is what interpreting and rationalising really is - guessing), I did wonder how the photo came about, and so I asked Anna for some background. Here is what she wrote:

The photo was taken at a music festival in the south of Sweden called Siesta. At that time I worked for Sydsvenska Dagbladet and covered the festival. Frida Hyvönen is a Swedish musician with a very special style. Her music has a very personal tone with thoughtful and smart lyrics. You can listen to her music at myspace. During this festival I took many concert photos, something I enjoy but it can also become very stereotypical and boring sometimes. What I like the most is to capture a feeling of the music and expressions of the artist.

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